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Naturally Me

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

During my second year of teaching, my 3rd graders arrived at school dressed in new outfits and every hair on their heads combed, brushed, picked, or gelled perfectly into place. I greeted each student at the classroom door with the same question, “Which smile did you bring for Picture Day?” They all humored me, as children gracefully do, with some kind of grin or smirk. However, there was one that arrived in tears. I’ll call her Madeline. It broke my heart to find out that Madeline’s absolute devastation centered on her hair. In her words, it was “too poofy” and “all messed up.” Madeline remained upset all the way up to our scheduled picture time. It didn’t help when the photographer handed her one of those super cheap, super thin, plastic combs (not made for her hair type) so that she can “fix” her hair.

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