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We Are Family

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

When we conjure up examples of a strong family, images of a father who provides, a mother who nurtures, and children who obey may emerge because we have been led to believe that this is the standard. However, in our ever-changing world, the limiting definitions of a “traditional” family no longer suffice to fully encapsulate the complexities of familial strength. In fact, it is arguable that we fall short of considering the cultural influences on family structures and dynamics that offer variants on the way family strength manifests in different communities today.

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In a Moment with Daddy

Image by maneseok Kim from Pixabay

In the latter parts of my childhood, I was raised in a single parent home. It took many years for me to even wrap my head around that fact about my life. Confirmation came in an effort to make connections with some of my students who were not going home to a father to greet them. I found myself saying, “I’m like you.” However, my father’s presence, attention, and love embraced me so much in the time I had with him that I never really felt he was absent from my life.

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