Sacred Mornings

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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” –Wayne Dyer

The first time I came across this maxim from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, I was initially drawn to the playful interaction of the words. I repeatedly said the words aloud to take in the meaning it conveyed about self-reflection. I understood the value of maintaining a positive outlook and attitude in order to accept the variety of circumstances that we all face in our lives. However, there is much more hidden in these simple words. The depth to its meaning continues to reveal itself in so many ways.  This post will be the first in a series reflecting on how Dyer’s words inspire me to broaden my perspective.

Every morning my alarm sounded at 6:00am to let me know it was time to awaken from dreamland and to get ready for work. And every morning I would hit snooze attempting to get an additional 10 minutes of sleep and still rolled out of bed exhausted. I realized when I should have been in deep sleep, my mind actually remained busy thinking, anticipating, worrying, or planning for the next day. Real sleep eluded me. Something had to change. So I committed to preparing myself for better sleep to get the proper amount of rest. No more falling asleep with Law and Order playing back to back on the television. No more going to bed late. I started by turning down lights as the evening became later. Then I routinely took a hot shower before getting into bed an hour earlier than usual. With consistency, my habits improved.

In a short time, I found myself waking up 15 minutes…30 minutes…then eventually a full hour earlier than my usual wake-up time but without exhaustion. Now, what do I do with all this extra time and energy? This dilemma gave birth to my Sacred Time.

My Sacred Time has blossomed into a quiet 2 hours of the day that I can’t live without. During this piece of serenity, I begin with meditation which offers clarity and allows me to receive guidance for my daily journey. For 20-40 minutes, sitting with inner peace empowers my soul like nothing else can.  I also pray to provide wings for my intentions. Prayer relieves me of the desire to control everything and to be okay with leaning on faith. Immediately after meditation and prayer, I write to capture inspirations and insights that come to me. Sometimes I write a few short sentences and other times multiple paragraphs. I often surprise myself with what appears on the pages of my journal. Finally, I round out my morning by reading while enjoying a light breakfast.

Honoring this daily practice shifted the way I see the morning. Awakening from a night of sleep is no longer a time to start getting ready for work. Mornings are now a time to give praise to being…my Being.  In this way, I am better equipped to greet the sun with a gratitude for life. I present myself to the world with an improved sense of abundance and an understanding that we all have access to it. Despite the inevitable challenges and difficulties, living is overwhelmingly beautiful.

There’s no doubt that we will make time to get ourselves together for work. Typically, we will change into work appropriate clothes, groom ourselves, gather materials (computers, phones, tools, supplies, etc…) and mentally review the upcoming day. However, we must be more intentional about preparing our Selves for the day.

Ultimately, my Sacred Time changed that way I look at myself, so my Self has changed.

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